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Registration of company in Hong Kong

Process of registration of company in Hong Kong is easy, fast and relatively inexpensive. This business vehicle is very suitable for international business activity like international trading, consulting, holding, e-commerce, IT services etc. Hong Kong has the reputation of major financial centers of the world. Tax policy is very favorable here for foreign business, because offshore activity is not taxable in Hong Kong, that means there is no tax at all, provided a business is NOT in Hong Kong.

Conditions of registration see below:


Registration of company in Hong Kong is easy!

All you need is to provide scancopy of passport and information of residence address.


Registration of company in Hong Kong is fast!

It takes only a few hours.


Registration of company in Hong Kong is inexpensive!

The price of registration (including all state fees and expenses for the 1st year) is USD800 (plus USD100 for express delivery fee) .

Duration of registration of Hong Kong company:

Hong Kong company registration period has now become very short - just a few hours (+ 1 day to make a seal).

Terms of registration of Hong Kong company:

You are only required to provide by email the following information and documents - scanned copy of director/founder passport (this may be one person), desired company name, information about director/founder residential address, and payment: now the cost of registration is only US$900 (plus US$100 for international express delivery fee if you are not in Hong Kong or Mainland China).

Maintenance costs of Hong Kong company:

Secretary fees

The annual fee for the maintenance of Hong Kong company beginning from the second year is US$ 800. This amount includes all mandatory annual fees: secretarial services, providing registered address in Hong Kong ("virtual address"), business registration fee, annual report filing fee, miscellaneous office and post expenses.

Accounting fees

There will also be costs for accounting and audit for Hong Kong company.

There are two popular options. The first one is to file "Nil" tax return (that is to declare that the company has not commenced any business). Although we don't recommend this method (because if a company do business it should make its accounts and audit), but this option is quite popular, because it helps save on accounting costs. If the company really didn't commence any business, in this case only filing Nil tax returns is required, not annually, just once in 3-4 years. The cost of services of our company for filing Nil tax return is US$150 (Profits Tax Return) once in 3-4 years, plus US$80  (Employer's Return) once in every few years.

And the second option (normal one) is in accordance with law to make accounting and pass accounts through audit each year. This way is more expensive, but the company will have all accounts and audits in order (accounts of company could be requested by some European contractors or banks / insurance companies etc.). In a situation when no business is conducted in Hong Kong (that is no office and staff in Hong Kong, no goods sold in Hong Kong, etc.) there will be no tax at all. More information regarding accounting and audit of Hong Kong company you can find here: Accounting services Hong Kong. The price for accounting and audit services you can find here: Accounting and Audit services price for Hong Kong company.

Nominee service (nominee director, nominee shareholder):

It is also possible to provide nominee services for Hong Kong company (in this case the real names of directors and/or shareholders will be substituted in Hong Kong Company Registry by the names of nominees) : Chinese nominee director (US$250 per year and/or Chinese nominee shareholder (US$250 per year.). Nominee service is eligible in Hong Kong. Rights of ownership of beneficiary is protected by trust law. Between beneficiary and nominee a trust declaration and a nominee service agreement will be signed.

Opening a bank account for Hong Kong company:

Hong Kong company has wide opportunities to open a bank account - it can exist without opening an account unlimited period of time or it may open several accounts in any banks of the world (where this option is opened).

Hong Kong banks (like HSBC, Hang Seng etc.) usually require business proof (invoices, contracts, website etc.) and residence proof (utility bills, bank statements etc.). Besides Hong Kong banks we can help to open bank accounts  in other countries banks: Mainland China, Latvia,  Switzerland, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Saint Lucia.

Our services regarding help to open a bank account are free of charge.

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